Dr Yazan Sultan Saad Gammoh

PhD, M.Optom, B.Optom,GCE,IGCSE


Dr. Yazan Gammoh, a Jordanian optometrist holds a PhD in Vision Sciences and MSc in Optometry from the University of Bradford, UK. Dr. Gammoh is the 2017 IACLE Educator of the Year for Europe, Africa and Middle East.
Dr. Yazan is the chairman of optometry department at Amman Ahliyah University, Amman, Jordan. He represents the Eastern Mediterranean Region in the Education Committee of the World Council of Optometry and a member of the following organizations: British Contact Lens Association, International Association of Contact Lens Educators.

Mes interventions

2018-09-21 15:04:00
Myopia Symposium
Outdoor play and its relation to myopia control